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To enjoy the most benefits from your beautiful new piece of furniture, it’s important that you select the massage chair that best suits your lifestyle and physical therapy needs.

Whether you’re looking to spend 48,318.76 or 48,318.76 this handy guide will help you understand the essential options so you can boost your home comfort and wellbeing with your ideal massage chair.

Type and Intensity of Massage

Even if you’re only looking for a relaxing chair that has the ability to give a light massage every now and then, you may not want to limit yourself.
Consider purchasing a chair that offers a wide variety of massage settings. Although you may not think you’ll need deep massages, this intensity is often what most people prefer. Not only that — you never know when your physical needs will change.

Look for chairs that offer the types of movements you want, such as pressing, swaying, kneading, and rolling. Some massage chairs are zero-gravity, which means they recline to a zero-gravity position before giving the massage. Sit in several different massage chairs to figure out which movements and sitting positions feel the best to you.

Customizable Programs

It’s helpful to have a chair that you can customize to fit your needs perfectly.

Many chairs have stored actions, such as shoulder massages, but not all chairs can adjust the depth of massage on different parts of the body. You may already have specific body parts that you want to target, but remember that these areas may change over time. A massage chair with a wide range of programs will serve you for years to come, no matter how your body feels in the future.

Some massage chairs even allow you to store your preferred massages. This is a useful feature that saves you time, prevents you from forgetting your favorite settings, and helps you get that incredible massage as many times as you want.

Foot Massage Settings
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Foot massages are a real favorite, so it makes sense that most massage chairs include some sort of foot massage setting. The question is: what kind of foot massage do you want and need?
Different chairs massage different parts of the feet. Some chairs only do the bottoms of the feet, while others massage the tops and sides of feet, as well. If you’re on your feet all day and have lots of aches and pains, it would be wise to get a chair that has all the bells and whistles for foot massages.

Warranty and Repair

A good rule of thumb is that the longer the warranty, the better and more durable the massage chair. Having said that, always be sure to read the fine print. At the bare minimum, you should purchase a chair with a one-year warranty.
Just like with a car or a washing machine, your massage chair will likely have a hiccup or two while you own it. This maintenance is easiest on a chair with a modular design. This means that you can simply take it apart and send the piece in question to the company instead of the whole chair, which is impractical.

Space Requirements

Massage chairs are bulky, but the amount of bulk varies by model. That means it’s essential to know where you will place your massage chair after purchasing it.
Many people put their massage chairs in a home office or bedroom. If you have space, there are massage chairs that can easily mix with the elegant decor of your living room. Wherever you want your massage chair to go, just make sure you measure your chosen spot carefully so the massage chair you buy will fit there. If you’re thinking about using your chair in multiple rooms, consider purchasing one with wheels to make the move easier.

Before making your final decision, think about where your massage chair will go and what it needs to be able to do. Once you’ve set your budget, you’re ready to explore all the models that meet your criteria.
The Relife Store sells premium furniture designed for long-lasting comfort. Contact us today to speak to our friendly team about our extensive massage chair options.

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