People nowadays are buying massage chairs as it has numerous benefits such as improving blood circulation, relieving stress, alleviating back pain, etc. The most important aspect of purchasing massage chairs is getting a full body massage of all your family members at home without paying bucks to a professional masseuse. You don’t want to jump the gun and made a decision to purchase another piece of sitting furniture?  Well, make sure that this time it is the massage chair for you. You might be thinking of many things in your mind before making the purchase. You may have several queries regarding price range, warranty period, quality, place of buying, required features, etc. Well, this is quite obvious. If you follow the below instructions carefully, then you can get your massage chair that will cater to your need within your budget.

Choosing right massage chairs

  • Price range: Before going through the specifications of massage chairs, you must decide your budget. Massage chairs of various brands range from $400 to $7000. Prices of the chairs vary with quality, size, warranties, and specifications. Apart from that, kneading chairs that underpin latest technologies are highly priced as it possesses more features.
  • Warranty: While buying massage chairs from a dealer, you have to make sure about the warranty. Make a clear conception about what comes under the warranty and the duration of the warranty period of the massage chairs. A good warranty usually covers the parts and labor. Be aware of the services which are included in the warranty period.
  • Authorized dealers: You must choose an authorized dealer while buying massage chairs. Don’t rush to make any decision of purchasing your kneading chair at a discounted price. Chances are there you can be cheated with the same model but with different chair mechanics. If you do not buy the massage chair from an authorized dealer you will face problems while getting the service required for these kneading chairs.
  • Features: With the advent of technology, features of massage chairs are increasing day by day. Despite the growing number of features, you have to pick the features that will cater your need. The most common features of good massage chairs are focus, intensity of brand message, roller length, Airbags, heat, zero gravity, foot rollers, music, back heating, etc.
  • Reviews: You must check online reviews, star ratings and peer reviews of the particular model of massage chair you have selected. Reviews will help you in collecting ideas about the these chairs and the after sale services of the dealers.

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