What is a 3D massage chair ? What is the truth behind 4D

As innovating as the name sounds, the 3D massage technology has been an exciting added feature in many newer massage chairs. The 3D massage technology is a new type of roller which basically lets the roller heads to protrude from the track by an additional 8-10 cm. This is basically an attempt to bring massage to those points in your body which are typically being neglected by the average massage chairs, such as areas like upper neck and upper shoulder areas.

Being able to protrude from the track allows the massage heads even to massage the super deep tissues which most of the times are not accessible by the average massage chair. This helps you improve your massage experience in many ways such as allowing you to have a much more deeper and intense massage which maximizes the massage benefit and relaxation levels. 3D technology is adjustable, that means you can control the protrusion from the massage heads which gives you even more control over the massage you receive from the massage chair. Also, the 3D massage technology allows you to receive a massage in the areas which usually a normal massager tends to miss, so with this, you can extend your deep tissue massages increasing the rejuvenation and relaxation benefits from it.

The truth about 4D and 5D massage chairs:

You might have various advertisements for 4D and 5D chairs, but do they come with more added features than 3D as they show in the websites? In short, no. There is no other direction for the rollers to travel. If you find any advertisement where they market the 4D and 5D chairs, do your own research on the way they are being described. These are the terms which are usually misleading for the buyers where they are fooled by the features that are not genuine in the products. 4D and 5D might sound great but however, there are no 4D and 5D massage chairs.

Re-life massage 3D massage chairs are crafted in a way that they focus on your main pressure points all over the body which not only helps you with stay rejuvenated but these help you with long term body massage benefits as well, since the pressure is being put on your key points such as neck, shoulder and back areas. We endeavor to provide the best massage experience with features that are genuine and come with many benefits.

We believe a person must know the truth before purchasing a commodity.

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