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Products Availability

Any item ordered by you (customer) is subject of availability. We reserve complete rights to remove or alter any product offering with or without any prior notice to anyone. Exchange Rates (Currency conversion) Currency conversation rate on our website may differ from the other currency conversion services like, google currency convertor etc. because our exchange rates are based on the exchange rates offered by our payment processing agencies. Octroi/Import Duties/Custom Charges/VAT Octroi charges might be applicable & levied by your local state’s department. Please note that we are responsible for only shipping charges and all other local charges/taxes (if any) will be borne by the customer, in addition to the total order amount paid. No Return/Refund Requests/Chargeback cases will be entertained in case you are charged local charges, as per your local state department.


Customers are requested to kindly check the packaging before accepting the delivery of your product. If you receive a parcel, which you think is not appropriately packaged or you have recieived it in broken condition kindly intimate us at within 3 working days of receiving the same We will replace that order to you without any delay. Goods once sold will not be returned back with an exception of any defect in manufacturing/ physical damage during transportation can be replaced. The product replacement request must be placed within 2 working days from the date of delivery kindly intimate us at mail  or call our support team +91 99454 83132 , +91 99454 73132.


All orders are shipped depending on the place of the delivery. Order will be dispatched from warehouse with 2 working days and shipping time with 7 working days – approximate time of delivery.

Order Tracking

Customers will be provided online tracking number to track their parcels online, wherever possible.
We accept will COD orders with minimum booking amount 10% to be paid in advance to company Bank account before dispatch.

Shipping Rates

Free Shipping with no extra cost PAN India. There will be no rate charged for the shipping.

Refund Policy

Ordered cancelled due to any reasons within 2 days of placing the order the same amount will be refunded within 7-14 working days. If the order is shipped and if we receive a request for cancellation of the same then minimal shipping charges To and Fro will be decided and rest amount will be refunded back.

What if any Delays

i. Times to ship mentioned on our website against each item are indicative and approximate values only and some times due to situations beyond our control, delays may occur. No refund, returns, replacement & exchange will be entertained for this reason.

ii. If, for any reason, there is going to be a delay in shipping because a item is out of stock or If there is an unusual delay in filling an order, we will notify you

iii. However any dates for delivery are approximate only and we are not liable for any delay in delivering your order or any part of it. In case some goods are out of stock,we may choose to deliver your order in separate parts, with your consent.

For Any request reach us at +91 99454 83132 , +91 99454 73132 or email us at