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PLATINUM 6D Whole body massage. In accordance with the principles of ergonomics, the PLATINUM 4D+ massage chair links the armrest and the backrest together to perform a whole body massage, so that the users may enjoy a more delicate massage experience. Space capsule-type arm air pressure massage. The PLATINUM 6D  massage chair uses space capsule-type …

PLATINUM 6D Whole body massage.

In accordance with the principles of ergonomics, the PLATINUM 4D+ massage chair links the armrest and the backrest together to perform a whole body massage, so that the users may enjoy a more delicate massage experience.

Space capsule-type arm air pressure massage.

The PLATINUM 6D  massage chair uses space capsule-type armrests, embedded-type air bags, and a dotted surface, which means the arms get a comfortable massage, irrespective of the angle at which the chair is reclined. This feature in combination with the air pressure massage on seat and leg areas, and the zero gravity function, allows your body to enjoy a sensation of comfort.

New curved rail provides synchronization of back and buttocks

The PLATINUM 4D+ uses the 4D curved rail technology which, in combination with the patented 4D massage mechanical core, offers a multi-angle integrated massage for your back and buttocks. This technology is a breakthrough, in that it exceeds the capabilities of the traditional L-shaped rail (which cannot achieve the lying flat and stretching functions), achieving a better massage effect. (Multi-angle and long curved rail patent no.: ZL 201410019379.0)

Pioneering L-shaped rail, multi-angle integrated massage for back and buttocks.

The L-shaped mechanism provides in-depth massage, observing the body’s S-shaped curve. The mechanical core can reach the lower part of the buttocks and thighs. The curved rail matches the human body perfectly, which results in an accurate massage that stimulates the acupoints on the back, relieves fatigue, and helps the users recover their physical fitness.

Multiple settings for the leg massage system.

The chair boasts an independent legrest design, which is suited for the user’s individual massage needs: The PLATINUM 4D legrest is designed with an independent control capability in order to suit individual intensity needs, and provides a customized massage to suit different massage requirements.

360º warm foot therapy

Based on the foot rollers of ordinary massage chairs, and on the fast reversal technique, the RK-8900 innovatively developed the two-way rotary foot kneading technique, which performs the sole function of foot kneading, which is accomplished in conjunction with foot heating. This technique provides the best foot massage experience, and is great for your health and longevity.

Resistant structure

Luxury-car level steel frame technology: the PLATINUM 4D+ massage chair’s inner frame uses high quality steel and the most advanced pickling phosphating/ electrostatic spraying technology (a kind of anticorrosion technology widely used by luxury cars). The frame is designed to have a life span of 50 years.

Strict inspection ensures reliable quality

Each individual part, and the massage chair as a whole, is manufactured under the strictest production standards. There are 5 major categories which comprise over 169 quality inspection procedures for each massage chair, such as the raw materials inspection, the semi-finished products assembly process inspection, the assembly inspection, and the ex-factory product inspection. Our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience.

Skin-friendly leather material

The PLATINUM 4D massage chair uses imported fire-resistant leather, whose easy-to-clean, odorless surface is suited to the human body, providing you with a healthy and comfortable massage experience.

Super-silent operation

massage chairs use imported motors of reliable quality, characterized by low noise, long life, etc. The noise level is below 50 dB during operation, which is lower than the national standard (the national standard being 60 dB), so you can conveniently enjoy your massage while talking or watching TV.

Green, energy-saving technology

The PLATINUM 4D massage chair has low energy consumption. While the working power of the massage chair is 240 W, its energy consumption is only 1 W in standby mode, which meets European ECO standards. The internal structure has a constant pressure design, and the motor, valves, and air pump use 24 V safety voltage.

Play music

You have the option to use a smartphone or a tablet computer to control the massage chair via Bluetooth.
Connect your device via Bluetooth to the chair’s intelligent terminal to play music, or connect via the audio cable to the chair’s connector base.

Relieving and relaxing music massage

PLATINUM 4D is equipped with two high-quality loudspeakers placed by on either side of the head, which allow you to listen to MP3 music via Bluetooth; in the meantime, the rhythm of the massage adjusts to the rhythm of the music. It soothes your soul and relaxes your body.

Massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles

As mentioned in the “Huang Di Medication Theory,” a harmonious coordination of the meridians is the basic principle that should underlie medical treatment. Thus, the fundamental innovation of the PLATINUM 4D massage chair is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, such as the principle of the 12 Meridians, according to which massaging specific Meridian and Acupuncture points helps improve blood circulation and activates the body’s functions so as to achieve a harmonious balance between Yin and Yang. Yin belongs to Fu, Yang belongs to Zang, Yin is in harmony with Yang and Zang is in harmony with Fu, hence a complete and harmonious Meridian network is formed in the body. Coordination between Yin – Yang and Zang – Fu is crucial to the health and medical treatment of the body. Maintaining a harmonious coordination between the Meridians is conducive to a good state of health.

Heating Back Massage Roller, Perfect Massage

The PLATINUM 4D massage chair uses pioneering heating massage roller technology, which offers overall heating while the roller massages the shoulder, the back, the waist, and the buttocks. This technology, in combination with the sole heating function, forms a unique warm moxibustion system, which improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue effectively, greatly improving the overall massage effect. (Patent number of massage heating device: ZL 2014 1 0 330384.3)

Relaxing and comfortable Stretch Massage

PLATINUM 6D is endowed with Thai massage techniques which stretch the whole body, so that the back muscles and ligaments get completely relaxed, relieving fatigue more effectively. Meanwhile, this technique enables the body to sway rhythmically, offering the user the freedom to relax and enjoy the fun.

Cloud-type airbag massage

The new cloud airbag massage technique is based on the human body Engineering theory, and consists in the connection of waist and buttocks, which can perform the function of air pressure waist stretch, flip, and twist.

Massage types

Stretch Massage

Suitable for massage after work or dinner; can release the fatigue acquired in the course of the entire day, quickly invigorating the body.

Relaxing Massage

It is recommended for rest in the morning or at noon. The chair performs a deep massage on the muscle tissue, which helps enhance the vitality of the muscles, allowing the user to achieve a better relaxation effect.

Recovery from fatigue

It is recommended for people who spend long hours in the office sitting at their desks and for people who tire easily. It stretches and helps invigorate the body.

Relieves pain

It is recommended for removing the pain from the back, waist, and neck. The chair can perform a special massage on any part of the body, which relieves pain effectively.

Easy design, easy operation. Control panel operating system

The control panel of the 7-inch tablet computer may be used as a remote control via Bluetooth; clear graphics, convenient operation. Automatic control via smartphone, you may download APPs which will help you achieve a personalized massage.


Overall automatic massage

In order to meet a variety of requirements, we provide ten automatic massage programs designed by professional massage therapists, such as: quick experience, Chinese Medicine massage, tibia stretch, and music synchronization.

Section automatic massage

This allows the user to conveniently choose the massage area and technique separately. Thus, users may select neck, waist, upper body, lower body, or overall airbag massage directly.

Manual adjustment

In order to meet user’s extra requirements we separated the adjustment for the massage area, technique, and speed. Users can adjust all programs and design one special massage system accordingly.


Users can set up the massage time, intensity, and massage area to achieve a perfect massage effect. Available in three languages.

6D Patented Massage Machine Makes the Massage Stronger and Deeper

Based on the soft 6D Massage Machine, creatively developed a 6D massage technique focusing on buttock massage, ensuring the fact that the massage rollers perfectly match the body curve. This is the beginning of the hyperspace massage age of massage chairs. (Four-Dimensional Massage Machine Patent No.: ZL 2014 1 0582363.0)

The 6D massage machine pushes your body when air pressure massage is being performed on the shoulders; the effect of this is the chest stretch and body stretch function.

Relaxes the Mood and Shapes Up the Body

The 4D massage roller is the newest high-tech product used on massage chairs. In cooperation with the ultra-long four-dimensional curved rail, the 4D massage machine can perform a multi-angle all-round intelligent massage, better suited to meet the massage demands of the human body, as compared to the traditional 3D design. In this manner, it makes up for the drawback of the traditional L-track, which cannot lie flat or extend; this new technology provides the user with the ultimate massage experience.

New Zero Gravity, improves sleep quality

Through the synchronization of the backrest, seat, and legrest by a multi-angle changeable module, the massage chair offers the user the best zero gravity massage experience, by creating a completely relaxed, natural, and comfortable massage posture, which reduces heart and spine pressure, and increases the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, ultimately improving sleep quality and eliminating fatigue. Based on NASA’s Zero Gravity theory and on the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, created the most comfortable “Zero Gravity” massage position. Tips: The Zero Gravity position is the most natural and most relaxing position for the body, in which the legs are positioned higher than the body itself, at an angle of 128º ± 7º, which maintains the body’s functions at an optimum level.

Holographic feel makes the massage more comfortable

With the full body airbag surround massage and the unique palm-simulation airbag technique, the RK-8900 provides a delicate and soft air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, calf, and feet, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints, and eliminating fatigue.

Massage techniques





Kneading and Knocking



Finger Kneading

Back Rubbing

Accurate scanning system

With innovative body detection technique and acupoint pulse tracking theory, based on the thousand year-old Chinese Traditional Medicine massage theory and on the body’s physical features, using a bionic intelligent detection system, the PLATINUM 4D chair can detect the neck, shoulder, back, waist, and buttocks so as to provide a more accurate, deeper massage and fixed point massage for users of different heights, providing the users with a more professional Traditional Chinese Medicine-based massage experience.

Master technique. A more professional massage experience

The PLATINUM 6D applies the Chinese medicine massage patent, based on fast reversal technique; besides the modes of kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, and kneading and tapping, this technique adds the special function of finger kneading and back rubbing, by which a more exquisite and comfortable massage is achieved, which exceeds the traditional hand massage experience.

Physical therapy over 12 comfortable point

Fill the body with a sense of euphoria


The liver and absent wind relieves, has a detoxifying effect; Recommended for headaches and teeth.


Disperse wind and makes clear the heart, the active side, reduces swelling; It can relieve cervical spondylosis, stiff neck.


Peeled tendons and active pledges, the regulation of chi and swelling can alleviate glenohumeral periarthritis, shoulder and arm pain.


Relieves chest congestion, regulates chi, active side and soothe the nerves, supports the heart.


Soothes liver and bile, regulates and strengthens Chi and vision, supports the liver.


Invigorates the kidney and supports Yang, strengthens the size and helps water retention, supports the kidneys.


Calms the mind, regulates chi and relieves pain, helps convalescent heart, supports the heart.


Clensing the heart and improves the vision, regulates the stomach, shoulders and arms, dyspepsia, ulcers in the mouth, toothache, cold, gastrointestinal system adapted, etc.


Drena tendons and active side, strengthening the spleen and stomach, help in case of hepatitis, enteritis, bronchitis, nephritis etc. Kunlun POINT Calms the nerves and brightens the heart, the tendons and the active side, suitable for sciatica nerve pain, arthritis of the knee, ankle sprains dredge, and so on.


Nourishes the yin and softens the kidney, liver calm, scattered wind, useful in cases of insomnia, nervous headaches, myocarditis, etc.

Technical Specifications and Features
Power 240W
Input voltage 120V/220-240V (AC), 50/60Hz
Timer 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Upright size 160 x 82 x 127 cm
Reclined size 190 x 82 x 92 cm
Net weight 159 kg
Shoulder airbags yes
Waist airbags Yes
Arm airbags Yes
Calf airbags Yes
Foot Yes
Forward sliding 30 cm

Save space

The PLATINUM 4D , with its new micro space intelligent sliding technology, keeps a distance of only 8 cm from the wall; it slides forward automatically after it is switched on, saving space and displaying a perfect intelligent home concept.

New airbag technology

The progressive airbags are multi-layered and can perform weak or strong deep massage on the muscles and acupoints, which meets the requirements of the Traditional Chinese Medicine massage theory to a greater extent.


Beige, Black

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