Frequently Asked Questions

There are rollers in the massage chairs that bring the massage. Usually it goes up and down. The 3D massage feature brings the rollers in and out so that the massage goes towards the person. This feature makes the massage efficiently by clearing the knots in your body. The 3D feature is responsible for real time intensity adjustment while making the massage more effective and pleasurable.

You must have some specific purpose and reasons while buying a massage chair. At first you figure out your purpose. A good massage chair must have the basic features at the optimum price. The mandatory features of a massage chair are air compression, air bags, reflexology, heat therapy, and other preprogrammed massage settings.

Zero gravity feature in massage chairs is a type of feature where the person is lying in the most ideal condition while enjoying the massage. It is the most ideal position as there is no gravity during the massage. User can easily manipulate the zero-gravity feature in the massage chairs.

Usually massage chairs consume electricity at an average between 200 watts and 300 watts depending on the power of the massage chair as well as brand. The power usage is similar to that of a computer.

Extended warranty of massage chairs is very important as it covers the defects that may cause during the warranty period. Users can get free repairing services within the extended warranty period. Cases that are covered in the extended warranty are manufacturing defects, other causes of defects after purchase.

Massage chairs are available in different sizes and shapes based on your requirement. You can buy any size of massage share as per your area in your home or in your office.

Massage chairs are easily shipped by the company. Once you buy from the company, the company will take the whole responsibility of delivering the massage chair to you from the company site.

Massage chairs are usually user friendly in nature. Most of the massage chairs are easily operated by anyone and they have high quality user interface. Some chairs have remote controls to operate them.

Our massage chairs are designed to be durable and strong. The materials of the seat cover are made with good quality material so that it can withstand weight as well as rough handling.